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5 Horror Classics to Revisit Before Halloween

October 12, 2022

By: Christa Protano

Is it me or has the spooky season gotten even scarier lately? Shady skeletons, gruesome masks, even scarier movies … my neighbor puts a Pennywise mask by the sewer grates at the end of our block each October 31st — no, thank you. But if your idea of a next-level Halloween is more Mike Meyers than Hocus Pocus 2, then add these classic horror tales to your October reading list.




Classic Tales of Horror

This cover alone is enough to give me nightmares, which makes this hardcover perfect for stacking on a DIY Halloween vignette. If your brave enough to look inside, you’ll find the spell-binding works of Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Henry James, Washington Irving and more.

H.P. Lovecraft Tales of Horror
Speaking of Lovecraft, this leather-bound tome combines more than a dozen dark tales from the father of supernatural fiction himself. Here you’ll find “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” “The Call of Cthulhu,” “The Dunwich Horror” and other works that will leave you feeling a little on edge, especially when read on a dark and stormy night.


If you find yourself spending your free time rewatching the Vampire Diairies on Netflix, we suggest picking up this modern reprint of the blood-sucking OG that started it all. Complete with an award-winning cover design, this Word Cloud classic tells the story of Bram Stoker’s celebrated Count Dracula and his eerie nocturnal lifestyle.


When you’re ready to sink your teeth into another classic monster, Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein will test your fear factor. Commonly known as perhaps the first science fiction novel of its kind, this horror slash romance deals with themes of power, death, and all the devastating consequences of trying to play God.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

If you’re looking for more of a psychological thriller this Halloween, look no further than Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of split personalities and evil alter egos. This ever-popular 19th-century novel has served as inspiration for more than 100 screen adaptions, including The Incredible Hulk, Me, Myself & Irene, and The Nutty Professor (and scarier eponymous titles, of course).

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