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3 Reasons to Revisit the Classics

June 1, 2021

By Christa Protano

Confession: Never have I ever read Little Women. How is that possible? I am a 40-plus-year-old woman with a career in publishing, who loves the written — and printed — word. How did I miss one of the most iconic novels of all time?  So last year, when the pandemic shut the world down, I realized that I no longer had the ubiquitous excuse of “no time.” Rather than binge another Netflix series, I opened an actual book. Not only was I immediately captivated by Louisa May Alcott’s tale, I was so grateful for the 470-plus black-and-white pages distraction. Here are a few more good reasons to pick up a classic novel.

Books Can Brighten Your Day … Literally!

Great literature is so much more fun to read (and have laying around your home) when it is pretty. With our World Cloud Classics you can color-code your bookshelf or match your loungewear to your favorite prose. From Jane Austen to Mark Twain, the works of some of the most beloved literary masters are repackaged with brightly hued vinyl covers and custom endpapers, giving these time-honored tales a new lease on life.

Finding Calm in the Chaos 

When our schools first shut down and we were given stay-at-home orders, the world felt like it was turned upside down. I started to read a literary classic because I wanted to engage in something timeless and enduring, now that we were living in a time of so much uncertainty. Many things may have been canceled, but books were still readily available and they provided a much needed sense of comfort.

A Welcomed Social Media Break

Sure, I can read a book on my phone or tablet with an app, but the temptation to scroll is always there. With one swipe, I can be on social media and then down a rabbit hole. What I love about picking up an actual book is that I am holding nothing else but the words and characters in my hands. Are you a digital devotee? Think of tangible books as vintage storytelling, which is what you get with Canterbury’s Illustrated Classics, where beautiful full-page drawings elevate the chapters of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan and more.