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10 Fun Facts About Books

August 20, 2019

Books, books, books. There is so much to be said about these magical little paper tablets. They have been around for thousands of years and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon (at least if we can help it). Here are ten fun facts about books!

1. Books Make the World Go 'Round

Back in 2010, Google estimated there were around 130 million books in circulation around the world…and just think, that number has probably increased significantly in the last 9 years!

2. 863 Pages of Pure Gold

Don Quixote is said to be the best-selling book of all time with somewhere over 500 million copies being sold since its release in 1605.

3. Every Reader's Biggest Fear

Ever been scared of running out of things to read? There’s a word for that: Abibliophobia.

4. Pricey Prints

The original Book of Mormon became the most expensive book ever purchased when it was sold for $35.8 million in 2017. It beat out the original and only copy of the “Codex Leicester” by Leonardo da Vinci which was sold for $30.8 million in 1994.

5. Typin' Twain

The first novel to ever be written on a typewriter was Tom SawyerThe title was published in 1876 by the talented Mark Twain. We have a brand-new Word Cloud Classic edition coming out this October!

6. That Smelly Smell

Ever wondered why us bibliophiles love the smell of books so much? Well, researchers at University College London’s Institute for Sustainable Heritage found out for us! They held an experiment where volunteers unknowingly smelled an old French book from 1928. Then, they were asked to describe the smell. Majority of the volunteers described it as being similar to chocolate and coffee. Turns out, old, decaying paper has some of the same chemical compounds as chocolate and coffee! Now you know…

7. Gutenberg the Great

The Gutenberg Bible was published in 1443, making it the first book ever published. Gutenberg himself invented the printing press that it was printed on as well, the Gutenberg Press.

8. Steel Tycoon or Library Tycoon?

Andrew Carnegie helped create over 1,700 public libraries across the United States. He donated more than $40 million for their construction. 

9. The Library of Your Dreams

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world. According to its website, it houses over 168 million items. Everyday, the library receives over 15,000 new materials.

10. Book Deposit?

Speaking of the Library of Congress, many of those 15,000 new materials that they receive everyday are what they call on their website “Copyright deposits.” Every book that is published in the U.S. is required by law to send two of the “best editions” to the Library as a deposit to ensure “copyright or of the exclusive right of distribution.”

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