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Ancient Greek Philosophy and its Heroes

January 17, 2019

Ask and you shall receive! The results from our fan poll last year revealed that out of the top five works that you all wanted to see us publish, three were from Greek philosophers. And that is how our new leather-bound, Ancient Greek Philosopherscame to be.

About the book

Have you ever wondered about the development of civilization? What topics were discussed in the days of Ancient Greece? This collection of thoughts from Plato, Aristotle, and other masters of philosophy will lead your mind on a journey of enlightened exploration into ethics, morality, law, medicine, and more. With an introduction by a distinguished scholar of classic literature, this beautiful Canterbury Classics bonded-leather volume with gilded edges and specially designed endpapers is sure to be a favorite keepsake edition in your library.

The most notable philosophers

Plato and Aristotle are two of the most reputable figures of Western philosophy. Aristotle was Plato’s student at the Academy in Athens. However, some say Aristotle ended up surpassing his teacher. The two had quite the rivalry of ideas; according to some, Plato's being more abstract and Aristotle's more practical.

Socrates is another notable figure from the Philosophy world. He was Plato’s teacher, and never wrote anything down (which is why he is not featured, per se, in our leather-bound). Plato writes about him and his ideas extensively, and the other philosophers in Ancient Greek Philosophers also reference his material, but since there are no surviving written records of Socrates’ wisdom, he remains a bit of a mystery. There are some conspiracy theories that he may even be a character created by Plato.

There's more to philosophy than you think

Ancient Greek Philosophy is not just about thinking and ideas. The definition of philosophy used to encompass ethics, politics, metaphysics (both spiritual and physical medicine), rhetoric, and other modalities. In ancient times, “science” was much more a mystery, so people attributed all kinds of physical maladies and attributes to astrological and mystical events. As science developed over the centuries and we created experiments to prove theories via repeated, consistent results, we’ve separated in our minds the relationships among body, mind, and spirit.

Want more? Our new leather-bound is a great way to learn more about the mysterious world that is philosophy and learn more about the thoughts of Ancient Greek Philosophers

Works included:

  • The First Aclibiades (Plato)
  • Apology (Plato)
  • Crito (Plato)
  • Symposium (Plato)
  • Phaedrus (Plato)
  • Phaedo (Plato)


  • Poetics (Aristotle)
  • Rhetoric (Aristotle)
  • Memorabilia (Xenophon)
  • Hellenica (Xenophon)
  • Enchiridion (Epictetus)
  • Letter to Menoeceus (Epicurus)
  • Principal Doctrines (Epicurus)
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