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Holiday Gift Guide

December 6, 2018

The holidays are approaching, and your family is driving you over the edge! What can you do when it comes to buying gifts for the people who you can’t help but love despite their eccentricities? Canterbury Classics has you covered with a large selection of titles for every sort of reader:


Before your mother can ask you about your relationship status (“Who’s that you just friended on Facebook?” “My neighbor has a co-worker who has a cousin who just moved out here and is single and…”), tell her to unwrap her gift: The Complete Novels of Jane Austen. As soon as Mom starts reading, she will identify with Mrs. Dashwood, Mrs. Bennet, and other sentimental matchmakers—and will be so absorbed in the stories that she just might leave you alone long enough so that you can sneak out on a date.


Uncle Charlie has an appetite for juicy conspiracy theories, and is forever droning on and on (to anyone who will listen) about secret alliances, the Illuminati, and subliminal messages hidden in plain sight. Charlie would love his own copy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes available in our Word Cloud format, a Compact Novel Journal, or as an elegant leather-bound edition featuring a scholarly introduction that discusses how Conan Doyle and his literary creation have influenced (wink, wink) the course of detective novels and pop culture to the present day.


Your ten-year-old niece, Sophie, is about to enter those precarious years that we all remember so fondly (right?), and she has no idea what to expect. To prepare Sophie for life as a teenager, might we suggest Anne of Green Gables: An Illustrated Classic? Full-color illustrations accompany the story of Anne Shirley, a young orphan who mistakenly ends up in the care of the Cuthberts at their farm on Prince Edward Island. Somehow, Anne manages to make it through her teenage years while learning the value of friendship, loyalty, and kindness.


No one has received news from your cousin Earl in months—the last you heard, he was somewhere in the wilderness of Montana, living out of his van, engaged in soul-searching, self-discovery, enlightenment, or whatever he calls it. But Earl never misses a holiday get-together, so when he finally shows up, be ready with Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, a must-have for anyone who is seeking inner peace. Now, in Leather-bound format too! You can even inscribe this collection of philosophical and life-affirming poems with Whitman’s words: “For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.” Such deep thoughts are needed to warm the soul on chilly nights in the wilderness.


And finally, for those family members who simply cannot be understood no matter how many cryptic posts and tweets of theirs you try to analyze, Canterbury Classics offers dozens of Novel Journals in flexibound and hardcover formats. The lines on the journal pages are the novel—in teeny, tiny type—so people can read between the lines with some of the world’s greatest authors as they put their thoughts to paper (where, one can hope, the words will remain, never to appear in your news feed).


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