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Classic Lit Super Fans

July 11, 2018

Think you’re a classic literature super fan? Check out these societies and associations dedicated to celebrating classic literature's best authors. From festivals and events to annual meetings and conferences, these groups go to great lengths to celebrate their heroes. Check them out and sign up to become a member below!

Jane Austen

Are you a Janeite? A Janeite is what Jane Austen's number-one fans call themselves. They celebrate and appreciate her works and are proud of it. Rightfully so. Jane Austen is considered one of the best authors of classic literature. If you happen to be a Janeite, lucky for you there are tons of options for you to get involved with fellow fans.

Looking for a way to celebrate your favorite gal? Are you near the Louisville, Kentucky area? You're in luck. The Jane Austen Society of North America Louisville chapter throws an event each year to celebrate Jane! Their website states, "Each year the festival features an Austen author, a Regency style show, a Regency Emporium, Afternoon Tea, as well as workshops and a Grand Ball." Sounds pretty amazing!

Check out more Jane Austen societies here:

The Jane Austen Society of the United Kingdom

Jane Austen Society of North America


Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens also has a few societies of his own. The Dickens Society strives "to conduct, further, and support research, publication, instruction, and general interest in the life, times, and literature of Charles John Huffam Dickens." Interested in learning more? The 23rd Annual Dickens Symposium takes place July 30 – August 1, 2018 at the University of Tübingen in Germany.

The Dickens Fellowship is another organization dedicated to celebrating Charles Dickens and his works.



William Shakespeare

It probably doesn't come as much of a shock when we say that there are Shakespeare events everywhereThe British Shakespeare Association's goal according to their website, is "to promote and foster a better understanding of Shakespeare and his work." The group is made up of teachers, writers, researchers, theater enthusiasts and more, all dedicated to exploring Shakespeare and his craft. The Shakespeare Association of America has a similar goal. As stated on their website, they also hold conferences and meetings to "exchange ideas and strategies for reading, teaching, researching, and writing about topics of shared interest."

Interested in attending an event to celebrate Shakespeare? Look no further than your trusty search engine. Typing in "Shakespeare Festivals and Events" brings up over 13 million results, and the top are cities and states nearby. Try for yourself! Is there a Shakespeare festival coming to a city near you?


Arthur Conan Doyle

It's no secret that Sherlock Holmes has a cult following. Whether it is thanks to the books, the TV series, or the movies, fans love Sherlock. The Sherlock Holmes Society of London puts on many entertaining events near London every year. They hold meetings and dinners for members to openly discuss and debate Sherlock and his life.


Mary Shelley

FrankenReads is dedicated to celebrating the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein. During the Frankenstein Festival from October 16 - 29 there will be several events held as well as a reading of the entire novel. On their website, FrankenReads is "encouraging people around the world to organize or participate in events celebrating the novel — especially by conducting public readathons of the entire novel on Halloween Day 2018 and in 'Frankenweek,' October 24-31, 2018." Anyone and everyone can participate!

The Shelley Frankenstein Festival puts on events celebrating the Shelley family and their accomplishments during Halloween time. You can find more information about the organization and their events here.


More Societies...

Edgar Allan Poe - Poe Studies Association

The Brontë Sisters - The Brontë Society

H. P. Lovecraft - The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society

Oscar Wilde - The Oscar Wilde Society


Not seeing your favorite author? There are plenty more online. If you can't find a society that you are interested in joining, consider creating your own! There are so many dedicated lit fans out there that would be thrilled to join you in celebrating these talented writers.


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