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Let’s Take a Bookshelfie

July 3, 2017

Let’s be honest here. Our books look good just about anywhere. On the floor, on your desk, in your bed, on a white background, on the beach, in your hands…literally anywhere. The place they really shine, though, is on your bookshelf. They make for the perfect #bookshelfie.

Looking for ways to display your Canterbury Classics books that show how unique they are, while also showing your own flair as a bookstagrammer? Check out the ideas below!

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1. Keep it simple

Simple looks classy and clean. Minimalism can help you declutter your life and therefore your brain. Just having our Word Cloud Classics in your bookshelf with a tea cup and saucer looks elegant.

2. Add some twinkling lights

Twinkling lights are a necessity. They make every bookshelf more whimsical and charming, and can create the perfect lighting to read your favorite classic in.


3. Color Coordinate

In this issue of Martha Stewart Living, our Canterbury Classics are used to compliment some other accents. Matching your decorations with your books is a great way to incorporate your homes' style into your bookshelf.

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4. Add a Pop Doll...or 20!

Pop Dolls are big headed, vinyl figurines of your favorite pop culture character. They have recently become huge as collectibles. From Alice in Wonderlandto Peter Pan and The Wizard of Oz, you are sure to find a character that will fit perfectly on your bookshelf.


5. Add dimension

Break up your bookshelf by mixing up the way you stack your classics. Lay some on their side while placing others vertically. This adds depth and dimension in your bookshelf.  It also makes space for some bookish accessories. 

6. Match your books with your wallpaper

Canterbury Classics come in so many vibrant colors. Why not turn your room into an interior designers dream and match your books with the rest of your room?  A small touch like this makes your books dual purpose: entertainment and design.

 7. Stack em'

Tip for a bookshelfie with no bookshelf: stack your books! Stacking your classics makes for a beautiful rainbow of pastels. Even just a short stack of Word Clouds can turn any bedside table or desk into an insta-worthy space.


Show us your shelves!

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